Thanks to Sam Goss our architect who did the drawings used on this website

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New Logo for Bridport Cohousing


Bridport Cohousing’s original logo was a gift from Alan Heeks, who had adapted it from one he uses. It has served us well for 8 years. When Sam Goss, our architect appointed first to design our common house​,​ heard we were looking for a new logo he offered us a design, based on the footprint of the Common House.

We put it onto ‘Loomio,’ an online platform that offers a group discussion and voting space, for members to consider.  Some of us loved Sam’s drawing and some of us didn’t, which was an indication of what is involved in choosing a logo. However submitting our planning application was looming ; the need for a logo got overtaken by events.

We later approached Julian Howells who is a valued friend of Bridport Cohousing and he offered 3 designs for us to consider.  He drew on local associations in both typefaces and images.   This was really very helpful as it opened up our discussions on what we all wanted.  Again, choosing a logo got overtaken by events.

When Peter joined us he was concerned about how he as a new member might contribute to the project and when we explored what work he did, highly skilled painting on glass, designing a logo for us seemed a good way to use those skills and creativity. He set to work and produced a series of ideas and ‘’doodles’’ which tried to embody the spirit of our project and give reference to the site we will be building on.
Finding a way for all members to reach an agreement on something as subjective as a logo was never going to be easy!!  Bridport Cohousing has the wisdom to use Sociocracy as a way of reaching decisions and, happily, this eased the whole process for us. Firstly we elected which of Peter’s designs we felt carried most weight. This was in the form of a letter ‘b’ interlocking with a letter ‘c’ and once we had agreed that this was the most widely accepted and understood motif we handed the job of developing this into an identifiable logo to a professional graphic artist. Sohani’s son Carlos was approached and agreed to take on the work and he, in turn, produced a series of ideas for us to consider.

logo-leaf-web-We discussed colour, texture, fonts and emblems – some thought the leaf did not have anything to say about the project and was too generic, but on researching the symbolism of a green leaf we find that it is an ancient heraldic symbol of ‘’happiness’’ and can be used to represent ‘’hope’’, ‘’renewal’’ and the ‘’beginning of life’s cycle’’.

Although the whole process of finding a new logo from beginning to end took several years, within a very short time we were able to reach consent within the membership. We have now got our new logo identity just in time to be used for the marketing brochure, the updated website and on our business communications with funding agencies, businesses and local authorities. A huge ‘’Thank You’’ to all the people involved  in bringing our new logo to fruition.

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