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BBC Radio Solent called us

Monica King writes…Steve Harris of BBC Radio Solent called on the BC phone and asked if Bridport Cohousing could do a live radio broadcast interview with him.  The date was set for 15 Feb and, with no one else available to talk live on radio, I took it on.  
Steve and Simon had spent the morning with residents at the Threshold Centre, then driven to Bridport.  They had a video camera which was a bit of a surprise to me!  It turned out they were getting material for a live radio show, and filming for BBC local news.

I showed them our explanatory boards and then we went to the site; we ‘leaned on the fence’ where we made the opening on Dormouse Day, and did a video piece where Steve asked questions and Simon filmed.  Then I got dropped off at home while they went off to find a long shot of the town and go home.

Steve called an hour later, and said they had had a technical problem with the microphone on the first take and could I do it again; so we went back to the field and re-did the piece. I got dropped home again and we said goodbye, Steve saying he would email me about joining the live radio conversation to take place on the following Tuesday at 8.10 am!  During the day I had been fairly relaxed about the whole thing, but by the end of the day I was aching all over, so I had obviously carried tension in my body without being aware of it!

Steve called on Monday 20th and said they had made the radio piece and had enough material so I was off the hook for the live radio programme on Tuesday, which was good news as 8.00 in the morning is a bit early for me!  
On Tuesday Steve emailed a link to the radio programme that had gone out that morning, saying he hoped I approved (link here) and they were working on the TV piece.  That evening I was watching the local BBC news on TV, something I rarely do, and was surprised to hear that the next item was about cohousing. There was Steve at The Threshold Centre and then the film from Bridport.

That night he sent me a link to the TV programme,  and hoped that I approved.  I assured him I did and thought he and Simon had done a great job.  My only regret was that, along with the absence of young faces in the film which was down to who was available, the bit about ‘cohousing being for all ages, but that it tends to be pioneered by older people who have the time’ had not survived.

It was interesting how much more information a few minutes of radio can convey when compared with television, where the camera wants interesting things to film.  Several Bridport people have said they had seen and enjoyed the news item, so it will be interesting to see whether we get any enquiries as a result of the BBC Radio Solent programme.


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