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Our Policies

Bridport Cohousing is a diverse group of people looking to build a place where we can all live in a more harmonious and environmentally friendly way.

Cohousing means sharing space and resources, along with developing common aims and activities. As a community we are working together to develop the principles of how we will live together, using sociocracy, making sure all voices are heard.

Our policies

Over the years we have developed a number of policies covering various aspects of our future life at Hazelmead. With the exception of the policies governing joining and being a member, ALL these documents are works in progress and subject to review.  Policies are agreed by the membership and are reviewed annually – as the membership of Bridport Cohousing changes, so do the policies.

Bridport Cohousing is a community group, not a rule-based organisation. If anything here seems restrictive or exclusive (or even too casual and relaxed!), don’t be put off! Our future life will reflect the aims and agreements of the future residents of Hazelmead – until then if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.


Childrens policy

Common House Policy

Communications policy

Electrosmog policy

Equality and diversity policy

Pets policy

Personal data privacy policy

Private Letting policy

‘Public access and sharing our common facilities’ policy

‘Reimbursing people who leave’ policy

Smoking Policy

Transport Policy

‘When people join and leave households’ policy

Policy on how to become a member of Bridport Cohousing

Policy on what is required of members during development phase