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Getting Involved

Now, in March 2021, with the construction of Hazelmead underway, we are looking at late Spring 2022 as the time that we can start moving into our new eco homes. The process of nominating and allocating these for members has already begun, and we are being asked whether there are still homes for sale or to rent

Before being considered for a home there is a membership process to go through as only members of the Community Land Trust can be considered for nomination. The qualities in prospective members we are looking for are:

Getting on together
Attending meetings
Joining in the work
Attending training

We have a membership process, which involves those who are interested contacting us, coming to at least 4 of our events and meeting up with as many members as possible to establish whether we share common values.

When signed up, there is a membership fee of £35, £10 of which buys shares in Bridport Cohousing Ltd. Members also contribute £10 per month towards running costs.

Please follow this link to see that process in more detail, and what happens after your membership has been approved.

We invite potential new members to find out about cohousing and living in a cohousing neighbourhood and hold regular meetings (currently on Zoom) to tell people about cohousing and our project (see our Events page).

You can find out more about cohousing generally by following up the links on the right hand sidebar and by looking up some of the books on our Resources page.

How we function:
To create our cohousing neighbourhood we are developing our growing group of potential residents, and working with our professional partners to design and develop our neighbourhood.

We hold regular meetings for all members (currently on Zoom) where we get to know one another and work to make the project happen. Our working groups focus on different aspects of the whole project – Buildings, Community, Communications, Environment and Finance and a Coordinating Circle takes an overview of these work circles and identifies any problems. The structures and decision-making procedures we use follow the principles of Sociocracy.

If you would like more information please use the “contact us” link on the left hand sidebar.