Thanks to Sam Goss our architect who did the drawings used on this website

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Heart-warming news

Bridport Cohousing CLT has an option to purchase the western part of the site in which we plan to develop our cohousing neighbourhood; this is our phase 1.

We also have an option to purchase the remaining part of the site, phase 2, when planning permission has been granted.

Having been granted Planning Permission […]

Phase 2 planning application news

We are delighted to say that Bridport Cohousing’s Planning Application for phase 2 of the site was registered on 10th May 2017; this is for the 2+ acres that were not in the phase 1 planning application. The number of our application is WD/D/17/000534.

Here is the web link to the application:

The consultation […]

New Logo for Bridport Cohousing

Bridport Cohousing’s original logo was a gift from Alan Heeks, who had adapted it from one he uses. It has served us well for 8 years. When Sam Goss, our architect appointed first to design our common house​,​ heard we were looking for a new logo he offered us a design, based on the […]

BBC Radio Solent called us

Monica King writes…Steve Harris of BBC Radio Solent called on the BC phone and asked if Bridport Cohousing could do a live radio broadcast interview with him. The date was set for 15 Feb and, with no one else available to talk live on radio, I took it on. Steve and Simon had spent the […]

A Breakthrough Day – first new homes on site (for dormice!)

December 9th was a really exciting day for us as we were able to start work on our field.

A section of hedgerow needed to be removed in order to make an entrance for the machinery that will start putting in the infrastructure on site, which is due to start in spring 2017, and in […]

Dormouse Day: Friday December 9th

In preparation for developers starting work on site in a few months time, we need to make an opening in the hedge that adjoins the hospital approach road, that will in time form the entrance to the site. The opening has to be made in winter, when there are no nesting birds; with an ecologist […]

After a rollercoaster summer – good news!

It’s been abit of a rollercoaster this summer with the recent changes to legislation meaning that just as we got the go-ahead from the planners – it became clear that the whole future of housing associations was in doubt – especially in regards to building new houses!

It was a nail biting time and it’s […]

Public talk: architect Sam Goss on Bridport Cohousing Thursday 22nd September

Thursday 22 September, 7.15 for 7.30, Bridport Town Hall.

Sam Goss is a partner of Barefoot Architects and is known to Open EcoHomes visitors as the architect of the Chalk Wall house in Dorchester and the planned cohousing in Bridport. He will give a talk on Bridport Community Cohousing, covering sustainability […]

ITV News Feature.

We were on the telly! Thanks to Duncan Sleightholme who put together this news story for ITV.


We did it! Full planning permission granted today













Delighted to announce that today (Thursday Feb 11th) we were granted full planning permission! This picture was taken outside the planning office.

This is the culmination of 7 years work by the group and 18 months of waiting for the planners to […]