Thanks to Sam Goss our architect who did the drawings used on this website

Affordable Housing

Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust is set up as a Community Benefit Society, run by local people to help Bridport Visualwebmeet the local need for affordable housing.

Of the 34 homes we plan to build in phase 1, 17 homes are for people on the housing register for rent at 80% of open market rents.  We currently have a waiting pool for people wanting to take up these homes, so please do get in touch if you want to find out more about how this works or to register your interest.

The other 17 homes are for leasehold purchase, and range in size from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses. These homes will sell at 80% of the market price.  The unsold 20% remains with Bridport Cohousing to ensure that these homes do not get sold on the open market and that they go on being affordable.

In February 2017 we submitted our planning application for Phase 2.  However, as a result of working with the South West Design Review Panel and WDDC planners, we have now withdrawn our application in preparation for a re-submission that will provide 19 further homes for affordable rent or leasehold purchase. The new plan will be posted as soon as is it available.

Cohousing aims to create a neighbourhood where people help each other out, and provide a safe space for children, older people and others. The group aims for a high level of sustainability in building design, with a zero carbon emissions heating system. Other measures to cut both living costs and carbon emissions are a community allotment, car pooling, ride sharing and electric bikes.

Bridport Cohousing wants to offer facilities and services which would benefit the whole locality: for example the common house could be used by local groups for meetings and other functions, and a car club could serve the whole town.

 The existing group is keen to hear from other local people who would like to get involved in this project.

Public meetings and events are planned; for more information, read our ‘Getting Involved’ page and contact us.