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Affordable Housing

Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust is set up as a Community Benefit Society, run by local people to help Bridport Visualwebmeet the local need for affordable housing.

Bridport is a town which has become very desirable for people looking for a holiday home, a property to buy and then rent out and for people of retirement age who want to live close to the sea in a vibrant town with lots to offer in terms of lifestyle. Bridport Cohousing was set up with a vision of making homes affordable for local people, and until recently was offering homes for sale or rent at 80% of market value.

In July this year we received written confirmation that our funding bid to Homes England has been approved, which will now enable the development to go ahead.  Because our bid, and that of our housing association partner Bournemouth Churches, was to the Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme, we will now be able to offer some of our homes for less than 80%.

Of the 53 homes we plan to build, which range in size from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses, 26 homes are for people on the housing register and will now be for social rent.  We currently have a waiting pool for people wanting to take up these homes, so please do get in touch if you want to find out more about how this works or to register your interest.

The other 27 homes are for leasehold purchase, 13 of these homes will sell at 80% of the market price.  The other 14 homes will now be available from 25% to 75% shared ownership. Rent is paid on the unsold equity, and there is the possibility of ‘staircasing’ up to 80%.* The unsold 20% remains with Bridport Cohousing to ensure that these homes do not get sold on the open market and that they go on being affordable in the future.

We have plans to work with a local renewable energy company which will help to make our homes close to net zero carbon. All roofs will be fitted with solar panels and the homes will have air source heat pumps, high levels of insulation will also help to keep energy bills affordable for low income residents.

A car share scheme is part of our transport policy and we are committed to helping residents lower their costs of running a car. Encouraging residents to join the scheme and to consider owning a single car or even getting rid of their vehicle altogether will bring down individual costs of keeping a car on the road.

By sharing the occasional meal in the common house with neighbours, growing some of our own food and possible setting up a food co-op onsite, we will be able to cut food bills and also cut down food waste.

Bridport Cohousing wants to offer facilities and services which would benefit the whole locality: for example the common house could be used by local groups for meetings and other functions, and a car club could serve the whole town.

The existing group is keen to hear from other local people who would like to get involved in this project.

Public meetings and events are planned; for more information, read our ‘Getting Involved’ page and contact us.

*Staircasing arrangements will be set out in an easy to understand document, and available for those people who are interested.