Thanks to Sam Goss our architect who did the drawings used on this website

What will our houses look like?

   Monday 7th April there was an excited buzz in the air as we passed wood and brick samples round the room and Alan and Sam the Mandiscussed window sizes and outdoor space, orientation and garden sizes.

    Sam Goss, the architect designing our neighborhood, presented us with some of his ideas at a meeting in early April where almost all our member households were represented. We clustered in groups, poring over detailed drawings of apartments and houses of all sizes and gave Sam feedback on these initial ideas.

    Most people loved Sam’s innovative designs and made constructive suggestions for making them even better as well as giving the ‘thumbs up’ too many aspects.  Sam has already met with planners and other council officers so this meeting is the next step towards our planning application. Watch this space!!

Sally Collings

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