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Sociocracy Workshop with Diana Leafe Christian

When: Sunday October 6th Where: Weymouth  Time: 9.00-5.30pm

Cost £25 including lunch

Bridport Cohousing are delighted to be hosting this event with  Diana Leafe Christian

Diana will present a full day Sociocracy workshop, starting at 9.00 am and finishing at 5.30 pm.

Sociocracy, which means “governance by peers,” is a whole-system self-governance process with a built-in decision-making method.  Also called “Dynamic Governance” in the US, Sociocracy is based on three values; equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness.  When using Sociocracy, intentional communities — usually fairly equivalent and transparent to begin with — can become considerably more effective and efficient in how they manage their community and achieve their goals.

In Sociocracy a proposal is measured, evaluated, and, if needed, modified after the group observes how it works in real circumstances. So community members don’t need to “support” or “approve” a proposal, but simply be willing to try it.   In contrast, when using consensus people often feel pressure to keep discussing and negotiating a proposal until it becomes “perfect” enough so they can approve it.  It can create a tense situation.  But in Sociocracy there’s no such pressure to create a “perfect” proposal. Meetings tend to be more relaxed and lighthearted because proposals need not be perfect but merely “good enough for now,” or “safe enough to try.” (An operative phrase might be, “OK . . . let’s find out.”)

Thus Sociocracy frees up energy for curiosity, learning by doing, and innovation —  and tends to create more harmony and good will too.
While our programme is designed for Bridport Cohousing, who have been using Sociocracy for some time, we would be delighted to be joined by others who are interested in developing their understanding and practice of Sociocracy.

For further information, booking and address of the venue please contact us on 07890 660594 or email us

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