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About Our Open Events

teaBridport Cohousing has been holding open events for people who are interested in finding out more about our projects right from our early days.  Some are formal public meetings and others are much more informal gatherings.  In the winter this is usually around cups of tea or coffee in a Bridport cafe.  In the summer we arrange walks, often with a cafe involved at some point, and gatherings on the beach at West Bay.

In Bridport Cohousing we want to create an intergenerational neighbourhood where young and old are valued people.  So it was a special pleasure for us to find that among the people coming to our February open events were several people with young families.  Until now our membership has consisted mainly of individuals or those with older and grown families.  Our members to date have put in a lot of work, which has depended on them having spare time to give to the project; something which is often in short supply for families with young children.

We think having a mix of ages is so important for making a successful neighbourhood that 20% of our homes are reserved for families, so that they are not disadvantaged by not being able to join the project early on.

Like some others of my age in this group I have grandchildren who don’t live in Bridport; but cohousing means I can benefit from the vitality and freshness that other people’s children will bring to our neighbourhood.  And when my grandchildren visit there will be other children for them to play with.

So if you are interested in cohousing, do come along to an open event to meet some members and ask questions. And if you are reluctant to meet lots of new people at once contact us, via our ‘Contact us’ webpage  and we can arrange for you to start by meeting just a couple of members, at a local cafe.


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