Thanks to Sam Goss our architect who did the drawings used on this website

Our Policies

Reading our policies will give you a flavour of the way members of Bridport Cohousing work together to develop the cohousing scheme.

Some policies relate to the development phase of the scheme.

Most relate to how we will work together when the scheme is built and members move in. The aim is to support the development of a harmonious neighbourhood.

All policies are reviewed annually (ideally), by all members; and earlier if a policy is materially affected by changing circumstances.

To read full details of policies follow the links below:

Childrens policy

Common House Policy

Communications policy

Electrosmog policy

Equality and diversity policy

Pets policy

Personal data privacy policy

Private Letting policy

‘Public access and sharing our common facilities’ policy

‘Reimbursing people who leave’ policy

Smoking policy

Transport policy

‘When people join and leave households’ policy

Policy on how to become a member of Bridport Cohousing

Policy on what is required of members during development phase