Thanks to Sam Goss our architect who did the drawings used on this website


We are a group of local people working to create an affordable cohousing neighbourhood in Bridport.  We have negotiated the option to purchase land immediately to the west of Bridport Community hospital, in two phases.

 On February 11th 2016 we were granted full planning permission for Phase 1 of our project
  • 34 homes, from 1 bed apartments to 4 bed family homes, with a high level of sustainability (AECB Silver Standard);
  • Of these 17 will be housing association homes for affordable rent (80% of open market rents) for local people; the rest will be for leasehold sale at 80% of open market value;
  • A common house – offering a range of facilities for cohousing residents and the wider community;
  • Lots of shared green-space.

Our marvellous news!

We are delighted to say that our loan offer was over-subscribed and has enabled us to proceed with the purchase of Phase 1 land.
The access agreement with the Dorset NHS Trust was finally approved by the Department of Health just days before our option to purchase the land ran out. This caused much anxiety for members because we could not have proceeded with the purchase without this agreement in place and was possibly the most stressful part of the Bridport Cohousing journey to date!!
All worked out well in the end, and on 20th March 2018 (also the spring equinox) members gathered to mark the occasion with a photo-shoot and walking the boundary of their newly purchased land.

BC welcome photo

  • In February 2017 we submitted our planning application for Phase 2 and, because WDDC planners had objections to the siting of the proposed self-build plots, we withdrew it in March 2018.  We are currently working, with their support, on an amended application with a layout which better integrates these plots into the overall cohousing scheme and will probably provide:
  • 24 homes, from 1 bed apartments to 4 bed family homes, with a high level of sustainability (AECB Silver Standard); of  these some will be:
  • housing association homes for affordable rent for local people,
  • for leasehold sale, either finished or for self finish
  • 10 self build serviced plots;
  • Shared space for allotments.

Our professional advisors are Charles Couzens of Ecos Maclean Ltd, a sustainable engineering consultancy based in London and Somerset; and Alan Heeks, who founded and co-led the creation of the Threshold Cohousing Centre in North Dorset, the first mixed-tenure cohousing scheme in the UK, in partnership with Synergy Housing.

In March 2018
we finally got an access agreement with the Dorset NHS Trust in place and purchased the land for Phase 1 of our development.

At the moment, members:
•    meet regularly to work together to develop the project and get to know one another;
•    regularly hold events where those interested in our project can meet us;
•    welcome new members who are interested in living in the project, in particular those with young children;
•    anticipate a successful outcome for our Planning Application for phase 2;
•    are working towards the building of phase 1.

Affordability is as defined by the Government, 80% of open market rents or sale prices.

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